Molsicor Tablet 2 Mg

Delve into the world of cardiac care with Molsicor, a medication endowed with the active ingredient Molsidomine. Encased in convenient tablet form, each containing 2 mg of Molsidomine, this pharmaceutical marvel offers hope and relief to individuals grappling with coronary heart disease and chronic heart failure. This comprehensive guide illuminates Molsicor’s nuances, from indications to…

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2 Mg



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In Each Tablet; Molsidomine 2 Mg

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Molsicor stands as a hope for individuals afflicted by coronary heart disease. Specifically, it finds its purpose in thwarting angina attacks, especially in cases where nitrates are ineffective or intolerable. A potent ally in the realm of cardiac care, Molsicor extends its healing touch to chronic heart failure, forming an integral component of combination therapy. Its role in enhancing heart health and alleviating angina-induced distress is paramount, positioning it as a frontline solution for those in need.


Molsicor’s dosage paradigm is a symphony of customization, meticulously crafted for each patient. The dose and frequency pivot on the patient’s unique manifestations and the phase of disease activity. In scenarios of spontaneous angina attacks, scheduling the last molsidomine dose at bedtime is advised.

The art of dose escalation is an exercise in caution, preventing persistent headaches that might ensue in select patients. Whether consumed with or without food, the recommended dosage generally ranges between 1-2 mg, administered 3-4 times daily (equivalent to 3-8 mg of molsidomine daily). Should the need arise, the dose may be heightened to 4 mg, to be taken 3-4 times daily (translating to 12-16 mg of molsidomine daily).


While Molsicor paints a promising picture of cardiac care, certain red flags must be acknowledged. Individuals exhibiting hypersensitivity to any component of the drug must abstain from its use.

Conditions such as glaucoma (particularly the closed-angle variant), acute myocardial infarction (especially coupled with low blood pressure), cardiogenic shock, arterial hypotension, and concurrent administration with sildenafil or nitric oxide donors and soluble guanylate cyclase stimulants, pose contraindications due to the inherent risk of arterial hypotension.


Molsicor’s potency is attributed to its multi-faceted composition. While the active ingredient, Molsidomine, takes center stage, each tablet also houses an assembly of vital excipients. Lactose monohydrate, saccharose, potato starch, orange-yellow S (E 110), povidone K-25, and magnesium stearate collectively contribute to the holistic efficacy of Molsicor, ensuring a comprehensive approach to heart health.

Origin and Identity: Manufacturer’s Imprint

Pharmaceutical excellence finds its epitome in Molsicor’s manufacturer – Pharmaceutical plant «POLFARMA» SA. With its base in Nova Debba, str. Shipowski 1, 39-460 Nowa Demba, Poland, this establishment signifies quality and commitment to producing impactful cardiac care solutions.

Side Effects

Molsicor, like its counterparts, comes with the possibility of side effects. Common manifestations include headaches, observed in 10-25% of patients, along with episodes of low blood pressure.

The less frequent occurrences, affecting less than 1% of patients, encompass dizziness, nausea, reflex tachycardia, hypersensitivity reactions, and, in rare instances, thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count). The realm of medication demands informed decisions – consulting a physician is imperative to weigh the potential risks against the benefits.


Molsicor’s journey intertwines with other medications, warranting a thoughtful approach. Enlisting the expertise of a medical practitioner or pharmacist prior to commingling Molsicor with other drugs is a prudent step.

Certain medications may accentuate side effects or diminish Molsicor’s efficacy. Conversely, others may interact synergistically, enhancing the potency of both substances. Ensuring a complete catalog of medications, spanning prescriptions, over-the-counter variants, vitamins, and herbal supplements, is essential to avert any inadvertent drug interactions.


As the curtain falls on this exploration, Molsicor stands as a testament to pharmaceutical innovation designed to alleviate the burdens borne by cardiac ailments. With its tailored dosages, therapeutic prowess, and vigilant contraindications, Molsicor emerges as a beacon of heart health.

In the complex tapestry of medication, Molsicor’s significance lies in its ability to restore vitality and enhance the quality of life for individuals embarking on a journey toward better heart health.


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