Levopront Tablet

Levopront, a medicinal marvel steeped in the active ingredient Levodropropizine, stands as a potent peripherally-acting antitussive agent, meticulously engineered to subdue the vexing onslaught of coughing. Within the tapestry of this article, we delve into the multifaceted realm of Levopront, embracing its composition, administration nuances, contraindications, and the potential interplay with other medications.

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60 Mg


Abdi Ibrahim



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Levodropropizine 60 Mg

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Decoding Levopront: An Antitussive Ally

Levopront, a bastion of relief from the paroxysms of coughing, derives its efficacy from the potent presence of Levodropropizine. This dynamic compound classifies itself as a peripherally-acting antitussive agent, harnessing its prowess to quell the disquieting echoes of coughing.

The Turkish terrain bears witness to the availability of Levopront in 10 and 20 tablet blister packs, the tablets themselves adorned in a signature white hue, characterized by a biconvex, round morphology, further embellished with a discreet notch on one side.

Navigating Dosage and Administration

Embarking on the journey of Levopront entails a meticulous understanding of dosage intricacies. In the Turkish context, the compass of recommended dosage for adults and children weighing over 30 kg aligns with the administration of one 60 mg tablet thrice daily, with intervals of no less than 6 hours between doses. The temporal orchestration of this dosage extends over a span of 7 days, commencing either until the cessation of the cough or under the sage counsel of a medical professional.

In cases where symptomatic improvement remains elusive within this period, prudence dictates the temporary discontinuation of the medication, coupled with a consultation with a healthcare provider. While no explicit evidence substantiates the influence of food on the absorption kinetics of Levopront, the prudent suggestion is to align the medication intake either prior to or subsequent to meals.

Bounded by Contraindications and Precautions

Levopront unfurls its therapeutic mantle, yet not without discerning prerequisites:

  1. Allergies and Aversion: The corridors of Levopront are barred to individuals nursing allergies to Levodropropizine or any of its fellow constituents.
  2. Maternal and Nursing Realities: The corridors of Levopront are veiled to expectant or breastfeeding women, elucidating the gravity of maternal considerations.
  3. Liver Impairment: Individuals grappling with severe liver impairment traverse a domain incompatible with Levopront.
  4. Phlegm Explusion Dynamics: The intricacies of phlegm expulsion form a pivotal criterion. A spectrum inclusive of Kartagener syndrome and other mucociliary dysfunction diseases imparts ineligibility.
  5. Juvenile Exclusion: The landscape of Levopront remains beyond the reach of children under the tender age of 2.
  6. Renal Challenges and Diabetes: The triumvirate of serious renal insufficiency, diabetes, and Levopront warrants prudent consultation with a healthcare professional.
  7. Geriatric Caution: The embrace of Levodropropizine within the geriatric realm demands judicious vigilance, mirroring the varied sensitivities characteristic of this demographic.

Traversing the Landscape of Side Effects

The trajectory of Levopront is punctuated by its impact on the human physiology. The panorama of potential side effects includes a spectrum of manifestations, encompassing nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, exhaustion, faintness, somnolence, and the clouding of consciousness (stupor). The resonance of hypersensitivity reactions adds another layer to this complex tapestry.

The Essence of Levodropropizine

Levodropropizine, the very cornerstone of Levopront, illuminates the realm of cough medication with its peripherally-acting antitussive attributes. The underlying mechanism orchestrates a reduction in the cough reflex sensitivity, thereby mitigating the frequency and intensity of coughing.

Its versatile presence extends to various forms, spanning tablets, syrups, and drops, wherein it assumes the mantle of curbing both acute and chronic coughs.

Navigating Symbiosis with Other Medications

The prospect of concomitant medication necessitates a measured approach, and Levopront remains no exception. The landscape of sedative drugs ushers forth a cautionary note, particularly for individuals susceptible to their influence. The symphony of potential interactions interlaces instances such as extrapyramidal effects, hypotensive effects, and sedative effects, ushering forth a chorus of vigilance.

The realm of pharmacological interactions is a complex tapestry that underscores the significance of medical consultation and informed decisions.

Concluding Insights

In culmination, Levopront emerges as a beacon of respite, casting a cloak of relief over the tumultuous terrain of coughing. The synergy of Levodropropizine and its manifold attributes weaves a narrative of symptom alleviation. However, the path traversed is one of vigilance, propelled by an understanding of contraindications, a familiarity with potential side effects, and the dynamics of co-administration with other medications.

In the realm of respiratory well-being, Levopront stands as a partner in the endeavor to reclaim tranquility from the clutches of coughing.


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