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In the pursuit of impeccable skincare, one name stands out: Funderyl Spray. Manufactured by the esteemed Solebio Ilac, this topical antifungal medication proves to be a formidable ally against fungal skin infections caused by yeast, molds, and other fungi. At the heart of its efficacy lies the active ingredient, naftifine hydrochloride, which is meticulously applied…

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Each 1 Ml Spray Contains 10 Mg Of Naphtifin Hydrochloride As The Active Substance.

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Manufacturer: Solebio Ilac
Product Name: Funderyl Spray
Active Ingredient: Naftifine hydrochloride
Concentration: 1% (10 mg of naftifine hydrochloride per 1 ml of spray)
Other Ingredients: Propylene glycol, ethanol, purified water

Tackling a Spectrum of Fungal Infections

Funderyl Spray emerges as a versatile solution, effectively combatting various fungal infections of the skin. With efficacy extending to dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds, this exceptional medication proves its mettle in treating conditions such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm.


Prior to utilizing Funderyl Spray, it is paramount to meticulously comprehend the usage instructions. The application process is straightforward, with the spray being directly administered to the affected area of the skin. The precise dosage and duration of treatment are variables that necessitate guidance from a healthcare professional. Their expertise ensures that the treatment aligns precisely with the specific condition at hand.

Side Effects

In alignment with pharmaceutical norms, Funderyl Spray may trigger side effects in certain individuals. Among the common occurrences are skin irritation or redness at the application site. Vigilance is key, and any unusual symptoms should prompt immediate consultation with a healthcare provider for tailored guidance.


The prudent storage of Funderyl Spray entails maintaining it at room temperature while ensuring it remains inaccessible to children. Meticulously adhering to any supplementary storage instructions from the manufacturer or healthcare provider is of paramount importance.

The Timing of Antifungal Efficacy

The duration required for an antifungal medication to exhibit its efficacy is contingent on several factors. The nature and location of the infection play pivotal roles in dictating the timeline. Rapid clearance may be observed in fungal skin infections, spanning from a matter of days to weeks. Conversely, systemic infections necessitate more extended periods, with resolution potentially spanning months.

For instance, the eradication of nail fungus infection may necessitate an estimated period of four months or beyond, while the resolution of vaginal yeast infections is typically achieved within three to seven days. However, individual variations persist. Consultation with a healthcare provider remains indispensable, as it provides tailored insights into the anticipated duration for the specific condition.

In Conclusion

In the realm of antifungal solutions, Funderyl Spray emerges as a beacon of precision, offering targeted treatment for a diverse array of fungal skin infections. With naftifine hydrochloride as its cornerstone, this medication exemplifies Solebio Ilac’s commitment to quality and efficacy. Vigilantly following usage instructions, adhering to storage guidelines, and promptly seeking medical advice in the face of any anomalies are practices that ensure the optimal utilization of this potent solution.

Trust in Funderyl Spray to navigate the intricate realm of fungal infections, securing your skin’s well-being with every precise application.

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