Calcimax-D3 Efervesan Tablet

Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet is a medication formulated to support bone health. It combines the benefits of calcium and vitamin D3 in an easily dissolvable tablet. In this article, we explore the uses, precautions, and recommended dosages of Calcimax-D3, ensuring you have all the information you need for informed healthcare decisions.

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Calcium 1000 Mg Vitamin D3 880 Iu

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Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet is a specialized medication containing 1000 mg of calcium, equivalent to 2500 mg of calcium carbonate, and 880 IU of vitamin D3, equivalent to 8.8 mg of cholecalciferol. Unlike traditional tablets, this effervescent form is designed to be dissolved in water before oral administration, making it easier for the body to absorb these essential nutrients.

Supporting Bone Health

Calcium is a fundamental mineral for bone health, contributing to bone strength and density. Vitamin D3, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in regulating calcium absorption from dietary sources. Calcimax-D3 is prescribed as an adjunct to osteoporosis treatments, primarily for individuals with proven deficiencies of calcium and vitamin D3 or those at high risk. Additionally, it is recommended for the elderly to correct calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies, helping maintain overall bone health.

Precautions and Contraindications

While Calcimax-D3 offers numerous benefits, certain precautions and contraindications must be considered:

Do Not Use Calcimax-D3 If:

  • You exhibit extreme sensitivity to calcium, vitamin D, or any component of Calcimax-D3.
  • Your blood or urine contains an abnormally high concentration of calcium due to any disease.
  • You are experiencing hypervitaminosis, an excess of vitamin D.
  • You are at risk of developing kidney and urinary tract stones.
  • You have kidney failure.
  • You are in a condition that could lead to increased calcium levels in your blood and/or urine due to prolonged immobility.

Use with Caution If You Have:

  • Impaired kidney function.
  • A history of kidney stones or a family history of kidney stones.
  • High levels of calcium in your urine (hypercalciuria).
  • Low levels of phosphate in your blood (hypophosphatemia).
  • Sarcoidosis, an immune system disorder characterized by symptoms like a dry cough and progressive shortness of breath with exertion.

If any of these warnings apply to you, whether presently or historically, it is imperative to consult your doctor before using Calcimax-D3.

How to Use Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet

Calcimax-D3 is administered orally, and it is essential to carefully follow the usage instructions provided. These instructions contain crucial information for your benefit. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, consulting your doctor or pharmacist is advisable.

It’s important to note that Calcimax-D3 is prescribed specifically for you, and it should not be shared with others. Always inform your healthcare provider about your use of this medication when seeking medical care during its course. Adhere precisely to the instructions provided; avoid using doses higher or lower than the recommended dosage.

Side Effects

Specific side effects of Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet were not found in the search results. However, it is wise to consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist for insights into potential side effects before initiating any new medication.


While the storage conditions for Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet were not explicitly mentioned in the search results, it is generally advisable to store most medications at room temperature, away from excessive heat and direct light. Freezing should only occur if indicated in the package insert. Ensure that medications are kept out of reach of children and pets.

Please be aware that the information provided here may not cover all aspects, and it is always best to consult a healthcare provider for more comprehensive guidance.

Dosage Guidelines

The recommended dosage for Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet can vary depending on individual health conditions and the guidance of a healthcare provider. As a general guideline:

  • For adults, one tablet is typically recommended, or as directed by a physician.
  • For the prevention of osteoporosis, dietary supplements of 1-3 tablets are generally advised.
  • Children’s doses are typically half of those recommended for adults.
  • Large doses should not be taken without the guidance of a physician.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that these are general guidelines. The precise dosage should be determined by your healthcare provider based on your unique health needs. Always consult with your healthcare provider before commencing any new medication.


Calcimax-D3 Effervescent Tablet combines the benefits of calcium and vitamin D3 to support and enhance bone health. It is an invaluable adjunct to osteoporosis treatments and serves as a remedy for deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D3, especially among the elderly. While this article provides essential insights into its uses and precautions, it is crucial to consult a healthcare provider for personalized guidance on its usage and potential side effects. Bone health is a vital aspect of overall well-being, and Calcimax-D3 can play a pivotal role in maintaining it.

Key Information

Aspect Details
Composition 1000 mg calcium (equivalent to 2500 mg calcium carbonate) and 880 IU vitamin D3 (equivalent to 8.8 mg cholecalciferol)
Uses Supports bone health; adjunct to osteoporosis treatments; corrects calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies, especially in the elderly
Precautions Contraindications for specific conditions; use with caution under certain circumstances
How to Use Orally administered; strict adherence to usage instructions; consult healthcare provider for queries
Storage Typically at room temperature, shielded from heat and light; follow package instructions if freezing is required
Dosage Guidelines Varies by age and health condition; individualized recommendations by healthcare provider are crucial


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