Butirol Syrup

Butirol Syrup, a pharmaceutical solution containing the active ingredient butamirat citrate, is a trusted remedy for various cough-related issues. Presented in a convenient 100 ml colored bottle, it comes with a measured spoon for precise dosing.

Dosage form

Pack size


7.5 Mg/5Ml 100Ml



Generic Name (Ingredient)

Each 5 Ml Syrup Contains 7.5 Mg Butamyrate Citrate (1.5 Mg / Ml)

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Butirol syrup is primarily employed to alleviate sudden-onset coughing, providing rapid relief. Additionally, it finds application before and after surgical procedures to suppress coughing effectively.


Drogsan Pharmaceuticals Industry and Trade Inc. is the proud manufacturer of Butirol Syrup, ensuring its quality and efficacy.

Equivalent Medicines

Several equivalent medications to Butirol are available in the market, offering alternatives to suit individual preferences. These include BUTAMCOD, BUTAMCORD, CODACTIV, CUTMIRAT, KAF, KREVAL, NOTUSS, PULMISTAT, and SINECOD.

Please note that while this information is accurate as of my last update in 2021, consulting a healthcare professional for the most current information is always advisable.

Butirol Syrup Side Effects

Butirol Syrup may induce side effects in certain individuals. These potential side effects encompass:

  1. Sleepiness: A common side effect observed in many medications, including Butirol Syrup.
  2. Nausea and Vomiting: Some individuals may experience stomach discomfort after consuming Butirol Syrup.
  3. Diarrhea: This can occur as the body adjusts to the medication.
  4. Dizziness and Low Blood Pressure: Excessive intake of the medication may lead to these symptoms.
  5. Headache: Another common side effect seen in various medications.
  6. Skin Rash: Allergic reactions to the medication may manifest as a skin rash.

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and other side effects may occur. In case of any adverse reactions or concerns regarding the medication, consulting a healthcare professional is recommended. While medications can have side effects, many individuals experience none or only minor ones.

How Fast it Works?

Butirol Syrup is known for its rapid action in suppressing cough symptoms. However, the exact duration of its effectiveness may vary among individuals based on the severity of their symptoms. It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance. Always adhere to the prescribed dosage and usage instructions. If your symptoms persist or worsen, seek prompt medical attention.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

  • Pregnancy: Currently, there is limited clinical data available on the exposure to butamirate citrate, the active ingredient in Butirol Syrup, during pregnancy. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using Butirol Syrup during the first trimester. After the initial three months, it should only be used if deemed necessary.
  • Breastfeeding: The excretion of butamirate citrate and its metabolites in human milk is not well-documented. Decisions regarding breastfeeding while using Butirol Syrup should be made carefully, considering the benefits for the child and the advantages of the therapy for the nursing mother.

Please note that this information is based on available resources and might not be up-to-date. Always consult with a healthcare professional for advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Recommended Storage Conditions 

To maintain the quality and safety of Butirol Syrup, it should be stored as follows:

  • Keep it in its original packaging, out of sight and reach of children.
  • Store at room temperatures below 25°C.
  • Avoid storing it in the refrigerator.
  • Always use the medication in accordance with its expiration date.

Can Elderly Individuals Use Butirol Syrup?

Yes, Butirol Syrup can be safely used by elderly individuals. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as overall health status, the presence of other medical conditions, and concurrent medication usage. As with any medication, consulting a healthcare professional before initiating a new treatment is advisable.


In conclusion, Butirol Syrup, with its active ingredient butamirat citrate, serves as an effective solution for cough suppression. It offers rapid relief and is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including the elderly. While potential side effects exist, many users experience minimal discomfort. As with any medication, it’s essential to use Butirol Syrup as directed and consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

Key Information

Aspect Details
Active Ingredient Butamirat Citrate
Uses Cough Suppression, Pre and Post-Surgical Cough Control
Manufacturer Drogsan Pharmaceuticals Industry and Trade Inc
Price (As of Sept 8, 2023) 62.77 Turkish Lira
Side Effects Sleepiness, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Low Blood Pressure, Headache, Skin Rash
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Limited data; avoid in first trimester; consider benefits for breastfeeding mother and child
Storage Original packaging, below 25°C, not in the refrigerator, adhere to expiration date
Elderly Usage Suitable with dosage adjustment and professional consultation


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  3. When not feeling well, or experiencing side effects always contact your own doctor.


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