Avil Ointment

Avil Ointment is a topical medicinal marvel, prominently featuring phenylamine hydrogen maleate as its active ingredient. This therapeutic ointment is the go-to solution for a spectrum of skin issues marked by relentless itching, redness, and swelling. In particular, it excels in combating hives and allergic skin reactions.

Dosage form

Pack size


%1.25 25G



Generic Name (Ingredient)

1 G Ointment; 12.5 Mg Of Pheniramine Hydrogen Maleate In Water / Oil Emulsion

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Beyond its primary active component, Avil Ointment boasts a lineup of auxiliary ingredients, including Macrogol 2000, Macrogol 400, Macrogol 35, Deionized Water, White Vaseline, and Lilac Extract. These components come together to create a robust remedy. Each package comprises 25 grams of the ointment, meticulously enclosed in aluminum tubes within cardboard boxes.

Versatile Applications

Avil Ointment finds its utility in a diverse array of scenarios, such as:

  1. Eczema Relief: It is an effective intervention for various forms of eczema, including the challenging neurodermatitis eczema.
  2. Burn Recovery: First-degree burns and sunburns receive healing and soothing care from Avil Ointment.
  3. Allergic Skin Alleviation: It stands as a formidable ally in mitigating numerous allergic skin reactions, particularly the tormenting hives.
  4. Insect Bite Relief: Avil Ointment acts swiftly to quell the swelling and itching provoked by various insect stings and bites.
  5. Age-Induced Itching: The ointment extends its benefits to combat the nagging itching related to skin aging.

Proper Application

Unless specifically directed otherwise by a healthcare professional, the recommended application involves the gentle spread of the cream in a thin layer over the afflicted skin regions. The frequency of application should align with the severity of the itch.

However, for infants aged between 4 weeks and 1 year, it is crucial to exercise caution, limiting the application to smaller skin areas. This medication should always be administered under the guidance of a prescription.


When engaging with Avil Ointment, it’s essential to observe several vital precautions:

  1. Allergic Sensitivities: If you are aware of an allergy to pheniramine maleate or any other constituent within Avil Ointment, its use should be avoided.
  2. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Pregnant individuals or those in the breastfeeding phase must seek consultation with a healthcare provider before commencing Avil Ointment.
  3. Children: For infants aged between 4 weeks and 1 year, the application should be reserved for localized treatment, with a prior consultation with a healthcare provider.
  4. Interactions with Other Medications: If you are concurrently taking other medications, particularly those known to induce drowsiness, it is prudent to engage in a discussion with your healthcare provider before initiating Avil Ointment.
  5. Long-Term Usage: Avil Ointment is best reserved for short-term use, unless otherwise prescribed by a healthcare provider.

Adhering to the guidance of your healthcare provider is paramount during the use of Avil Ointment. In the event of adverse reactions, discontinuation of the ointment is advised, followed by prompt medical attention.


Avil Ointment is categorized as Category C for pregnancy. This classification signifies its use should be justified only if the potential benefits outweigh potential risks to the developing fetus, as determined by your healthcare provider.

Avil Ointment for Babies

While Avil Ointment is a viable option for addressing infant concerns, it’s imperative to restrain its application to smaller areas of the baby’s skin for treatment. Always consult with a healthcare provider before introducing any medication to an infant’s regimen.

Side Effects

The spectrum of potential side effects associated with Avil Ointment includes:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Sedation
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Increased Body Temperature
  • Respiratory Stimulation and Respiratory Paralysis
  • Circulatory Collapse
  • Eating Disorders

It is crucial to understand that these side effects may not manifest in every individual and can exhibit variability between persons. Should any of these side effects emerge, immediate consultation with a healthcare provider is indispensable.

The timeframe of Actions

Upon administration, the impact of Avil Ointment initiates within approximately 30 minutes and endures for a duration of at least 6 hours. Notably, the medication achieves efficient absorption through the skin, with peak absorption occurring between 1 to 2.5 hours post-application. The therapeutic effects of Avil Ointment persist for a considerable time span, spanning 16 to 19 hours after topical administration. However, it’s vital to acknowledge that the onset of action may fluctuate contingent on diverse factors, including the condition’s severity, the area’s size under treatment, and individual patient attributes.

Dosage Recommendations

The recommended dosage of Avil Ointment is contingent upon the condition’s nature, its intensity, the patient’s age, weight, and the response to the initial dose. Here’s a concise breakdown:

  • Adults and Children over 10 Years: A daily dosage ranging from 25 mg, repeated two to three times a day, with the possibility of an increment to 50 mg within a day.
  • Children Aged 5 to 10 Years: 25 mg administered two to three times daily.
  • Children Under 5 Years: Avil tablets are not advised for this age group.

This dosage delineation represents general guidelines, and the exact prescription should be determined by a healthcare provider. The unwavering advice is to adhere diligently to the healthcare provider’s instructions while utilizing Avil Ointment.

Patient Group Dosage Frequency
Adults and Children over 10 Years 25 mg to 50 mg Two to Three Times a Day
Children Aged 5 to 10 Years 25 mg Two to Three Times a Day
Children Under 5 Years Not Recommended

Avil Ointment Benefits

Avil Ointment, generously endowed with pheniramine maleate, extends an array of advantages:

  • Anti-Allergic Marvel: It stands as a potent ally in addressing allergic skin reactions, notably hives and contact dermatitis.
  • Antipruritic Prowess: Avil Ointment holds the capability to alleviate itching stemming from various skin conditions, encompassing eczema and insect bites.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy: It possesses the potential to reduce swelling and redness linked with skin irritations.
  • Burn Relief: The ointment extends its healing grace to address first-degree burns and the discomfort of sunburns, aiding in skin soothing and inflammation reduction.

A Final Note

While Avil Ointment emerges as a beneficial therapeutic tool, it is of paramount importance to underpin its usage with the counsel of a healthcare provider. It is the trusted source for the most precise recommendations and guidance pertaining to Avil Ointment. The mentioned benefits, while substantial, should always be harnessed under the professional oversight of healthcare expertise.


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