Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum Physiological Drop

Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum Physiological Drop exemplifies the fusion of advanced pharmaceutical science and biocompatibility. Manufactured by Ankapharma, this product delivers the essential benefits of isotonic sterile solutions, serum physiological purity, and the stability conferred by preservatives. Its versatile applications in healthcare, from nasal hygiene to wound care, highlight its significance in medical practice and daily…

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%0.9 25Ml



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25 Ml Isotonic Sterile, Serum Physiological Drop. Serum Physiological Pure Water Q.S. 25 Ml Contains Preservative

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Note: Please be informed that, although the available information may be limited, this page provides information regarding the ingredient Isotonic Sterile Solution, which is used in the Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum.

Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum Manufacturer

Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum Physiological Drop is a medical product expertly crafted by Ankapharma, a reputable manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the healthcare industry.

Manufacturer Product Name Package Size
Ankapharma Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum Physiological Drop 5ml x 20 Flakon


The foundation of Ankamarin Ankafiz Serum Physiological Drop lies in its meticulously selected ingredients, each serving a specific purpose to ensure its effectiveness.

Isotonic Sterile Solution

Isotonic solutions, such as the one in this serum, closely mimic the osmotic pressure of bodily fluids like blood serum and tears. These solutions play a pivotal role in medical applications. For instance, saline solution, a well-known isotonic solution, consists of a blend of sodium chloride (salt) and water. Saline solution finds versatile use in medicine, including wound cleaning and as a hydrating agent.

Serum Physiological

Serum Physiological is a biocompatible aqueous solution, rendering it compatible with all living organisms. Comprising 0.9% sodium chloride in water, it qualifies as a sterile solution. This versatile serum is readily available in pharmacies in various formats, and a prescription is not required for its acquisition.

Pure Water Purity

Pure Water is precisely what its name suggests—water that has undergone meticulous mechanical filtration or processing to eliminate impurities, rendering it suitable for various applications. This purified water finds extensive use in pharmaceutical production, scientific research and development, and various industrial sectors.

Preservative for Stability

To maintain the product’s integrity and longevity, a preservative is thoughtfully included. Preservatives are essential substances added to products to prevent microbial degradation or undesirable chemical alterations.

Uses of Physiological Serum

Physiological serum boasts a wide range of medical and personal care applications, making it an indispensable resource in healthcare settings and daily life. Some of its notable uses include:

Nasal Hygiene

Physiological serum is employed for the daily nasal hygiene of infants, particularly when nasal passages are congested. It proves effective in decongesting the respiratory tract.

Eye Hygiene

In ophthalmology, this serum serves as an invaluable resource for eye washes, particularly in cases of conjunctivitis.

Ear Rinsing

For ear rinsing, physiological serum provides a gentle and effective solution.

Wound Washing

Due to its antiseptic properties, this serum is an ideal choice for disinfecting superficial wounds.

Aerosol Therapy Treatments

In the realm of respiratory therapy, physiological serum is employed not only as a vehicle for medications administered via electric nebulizers but also for its therapeutic benefits.

Rehydration and Ionic Rebalancing

The serum finds utility in rehydration and ionic rebalancing infusions, a critical aspect of medical care.

Disclaimer: This article serves as an informative resource and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with a healthcare professional to ensure the information is relevant to your specific medical circumstances.


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