You are currently viewing 6 Tips to Kickstart Your Mornings Even if You’re Not a Morning Person
6 Tips to Kickstart Your Mornings Even if You're Not a Morning Person

6 Tips to Kickstart Your Mornings Even if You’re Not a Morning Person

The incessant early morning alarm rings, and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed. If this sounds familiar, you’re part of the nearly 30 percent of Germans who identify as morning grouches. Fear not; with these six tips, your mornings are bound to get a whole lot brighter.

1. Relaxation the Night Before

Embarking on a good day starts with preparation the night before. Establishing a calming bedtime routine, whether it’s a warm shower, reading, or listening to music, sets the stage for a restful night.

According to British sleep expert Maryanne Taylor, cultivating a soothing and consistent pre-sleep ritual contributes to better sleep quality, making it easier to rise refreshed the next morning. To eliminate morning chaos, consider packing your bag and laying out your clothes the night before.

2. Kickstart Your Day with a Delicious Breakfast

What better way to kickstart your day than with a delicious breakfast? A nutritious morning meal provides the energy you need and helps stave off mid-morning hunger pangs. Taylor suggests mixing oats or porridge with nuts, seeds, and frozen or fresh fruits. If you prefer bread, opt for the whole-grain variety.

Pair it with a dollop of peanut butter and some fruits for a nutrient-rich, fiber-packed breakfast. If you’re not hungry in the morning, it’s okay—enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, but try not to replace a meal every day.

3. Embrace Natural Light Over Alarms

Let the morning light be your wake-up call. Keeping your blinds or curtains open allows natural light to flood your room, making it easier to rise. Taylor explains that our natural sleep hormone, melatonin, is directly influenced by light and darkness.

A darker environment makes us sleepier, while artificial or morning light helps us feel more awake and alert. For those who struggle to wake up, consider investing in a sunrise-mimicking alarm clock for a gentler awakening.

4. Resist the Snooze Button Temptation

As tempting as it may be to grant yourself a few extra minutes in bed, it’s time to bid farewell to the snooze button. Often, this function sets off a chain reaction. The extra ten minutes turn into twenty, then thirty, leaving you struggling to get out of bed and possibly running late. Instead, set the alarm for just ten minutes later or place it across the room. The slight inconvenience will motivate you to get up and move around to turn it off.

6 Tips to Kickstart Your Mornings Even if You're Not a Morning Person

5. Morning Exercise for a Brighter Day

While the idea of exercising in the morning may seem daunting for late risers, a pre-work workout can work wonders. It leaves you feeling more energized, preparing your body for the day’s challenges.

According to sports advisor Dom Thorpe, any morning exercise is beneficial, with intense interval training releasing the happiness hormone endorphin. The key is to get those muscles moving.

6. Dressing for Success Boosts Morning Mood

Your choice of clothing can make the morning routine smoother. Embrace the trend with colors like purple, red, yellow, and blue, skillfully combined to accentuate your style and brighten up the chilly season. The anticipation of showcasing a new outfit can make getting out of bed a more enjoyable experience. After all, a positive start to your day begins with how you feel from the moment you open your eyes.


In conclusion, adopting a morning routine tailored to your preferences and incorporating these practical tips can significantly enhance your mornings, even if you identify as a morning person. From establishing a calming evening ritual to kickstarting the day with a nutritious breakfast and embracing natural light, these simple adjustments can make a substantial difference.

Resisting the snooze button, incorporating morning exercise, and choosing uplifting colors for your attire add layers to a morning routine designed for success. By implementing these strategies, you can transform your mornings into a positive and energizing experience, setting the tone for a productive and fulfilling day ahead.

Remember, it’s the small adjustments that can lead to significant improvements in your morning routine and overall well-being.

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